The Final Stretch

So summer is winding down… Less than three weeks until classes start, on September 1st. At which time, my last year at Brown University will commence.

One year left. That is it, one year. I can’t believe how quickly the past three years have flow by!

When I said the word ‘senior’ out loud, I couldn’t help but chuckle. In one short year, I will no longer be a student. In fact, I’m pretty sure it means I will become a ‘real life’ person. You know, the kind who decides what to make for dinner, watches the news, goes to a job everyday, and pays for their own stuff.

This whole ‘senior’ realization prompted me to reflect on some of the most memorable times I’ve had at Brown. To aid my short-term memory, I decided to click through old photos on my computer.

Human Bridge, Unit 15

UNIT WARS: So Unit Wars was probably the most unforgettable part of Brown’s freshman orientation. All freshman dorms are broken down into smaller groups called “units” and it’s the people in these units that become some of your closest friends. I lived with these people. I ate meals with these people. I studied with these people. Heck, I even procrastinated with these people.

Anyway, Unit Wars is exactly how it sounds. Your unit competes as a team against other units in tasks like the Human Pyramid or the Watermelon Eating Contest. Probably the coolest/cutest/most fun part of unit wars is the fact that during the last week of senior year you get back together with that same freshman unit to compete one last time. This whole full circle business makes everyone a bit nostalgic, but rightfully so.

Another very memorable event my freshman year was MULTIRACIAL IDENTITY WEEK 2007. I helped Kevin O’Brien ’09 and Amy Tan ’09 with small tasks here and there to put together a great set of events. For those of you who haven’t yet read the other posts, I coordinated Multiracial Identity Week 2009, so this was probably one of the first stepping-stones for me with regards to co-coordinating the event myself. The goal of Multiracial Identity week has traditionally been to address issues that foster dialogue on race and identity, to reach Brown’s diverse population, and ultimately to establish bridges across racial differences.

Bed of leaves. Not nearly as comfy as a real bed.

Now for those of you who grew up in places where you have actual seasons, this next memory might not be such a big deal to you… but for a Hawaiian boy, FALL and WINTER were a big deal. Leaves changing color, temperature getting colder, and snow. Yeah. A big deal.

A significant portion of my time is dedicated to my jobs here on campus. I work in the admission office as one of the Minority Recruitment Interns and also serve as the Bruin Club president (The Bruin Club is the student wing of the Brown University Admission Office in charge of running Campus Tours and Admitted Students’ events). These two positions allow me to interact with prospective students and share my experiences at Brown with them.  It’s really hard to articulate how much I enjoy these jobs.  That feeling you get when you know you played a role in prospective student’s decision to apply and matriculate to Brown is unlike any other.

Me and one of my fellow interns

Now I know I can’t possibly write about every single memory at Brown University in a short blog post, but I think by highlighting some of the most memorable aspects of my Brown experience thus far I can give you insight into how much I love being here at Brown.

Anyway that’s all for now. Remember to check back as the school year starts to see all of the great things happening on campus.



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My name is Christopher Belcher and I am a student at Brown University class of 2011 where I am concentrating in Neuroscience. I hail from the beautiful state of Hawaii, but am loving every moment here in Providence, RI.
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