Study Space Scavenger Hunt, Part I

Brown is truly a diverse place. As I like to say at the close of my tours, one of the reasons I chose Brown was for it’s diversity. I usually talk about three types of diversity: racial/ethnic diversity, diversity of opinions about political questions that occupy the rest of the country and the world, and a diversity of passions. One thing that I don’t mention is the diversity of places to study!

It might seem a weird thing to talk about, but it’s true and is really one of the things I enjoy most. There’s a study space for any kind of mood and work. For the next few posts, I’ll be sharing some of my favorites.

First Up: Dorm!

It may seem obvious, but many Brown students study in their dorms, myself included. My favorite time to study in my room is early mornings on the weekends. It’s really quiet, and I don’t have to change out of my pjs, which can be a nice slow start to a Saturday or Sunday morning. Also, bad weather often convinces me to stay in my room rather than journeying somewhere else. I have everything I need! My desk is usually a little on the cluttered side (I never can seem to keep it clean), but that means I always have access to pens, my printer, and the always indispensable post-its. Plus, I’ve got my room decorated just the way I like it, so whenever I need a break I can take a look at my extremely colorful walls.

Second: The Frisc, SciLi

The Frisc, an affectionate name for the Friedman Study Center in the SciLi (Brown’s pet name for the Sciences Library) is one of my favorite library spaces to study. It’s full of oddly-colored and shaped furniture, and it’s definitely one of the more social spaces on campus to study. The Frisc is basically open 24-7, and you can eat there, which is a definite plus when you don’t quite have time to sit down at the Ratty and eat a real meal.

My favorite study spot in the Frisc is in one of the back corners. In the four corners, there are these glass atria you can sit in front of. My personal favorite is the bamboo one. It’s such a calming spot to study, especially in the late morning and early afternoon on a clear, sunny day, when the light dapples in and makes beautiful patterns on the floor. Here’s where I was earlier this evening:

So, that’s two study spaces at Brown. Stay tuned for more!

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