All the places you’ll go

To study, that is.

Here it is– part two of my study space scavenger hunt; an attempt to highlight the many different and wonderful places that Brown students go to do their reading, their problem sets, write their papers. Because, face it, a large portion of college is doing work, and having a study space to fit every mood is a lovely thing. Trust me.

Our third study space (one and two were the dorm and the Sciences Library, see my previous post here) is the John D. Rockefeller Library, affectionately known as the Rock on campus.

The Rock is our largest humanities library on campus, and as a marine biology concentrator I hardly ever find that I need to go to the Rock when I’m doing research for my classes. But, yesterday was the exception. I ordered a bunch of books through our Interlibrary Loan System for my group term paper project in Conservation Biology (BIOL1470), and one of them was microfiche, and the readers are at the Rock. So, off to the Rock I went.

One of the more commonly used discipline-wide spaces at the Rock is the Absolute Quiet Room, or the AQR, and it’s definitely one of my favorite spaces on campus. I enjoy chatting with my friends as I do work as much as anyone else, but sometimes you really just need to buckle-down and get some work done. And it really is quiet in there– your fellow AQRers won’t tolerate any noise. I spent quite a bit of time in there studying for my physics exam a couple weeks ago, and several 8am-5pm days in there last fall studying for my MATH0090 (calculus) final exam.

And, of course, for the humanities and social science concentrators, there are millions (and I really mean millions) of books.

That’s all for now! Stay tuned for some non-library spaces to get your studying on.

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